Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Where will the cost ? The answer here

Consulting Agency Economist Intelligence Unit, which is part of Economist Group, published on March 6 ranking the most expensive to live cities in the world. The starting point rating compilers have traditionally New York, identifying him 100 points. The most expensive city, according to the specialists, as a year ago, recognized the capital of Norway, Oslo (134 points). It is followed by Paris (130 points) and Copenhagen (126 points).

Fourth place in the ranking of the year was London (125 points). In 2007, he confidently took the seventh place. The cheapest in Europe is life in Athens and Lisbon. The most expensive place in the world is still Latin America, which brought together host 30 affordable cities. The most expensive city in the region-Guatemala, took the 63rd place, and followed by the Mexico - 68th.

The budget of the capital Tehran, where the cost of consumer goods basket is only one part of what has to pay residents of London.

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