Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Pentagon selected to Russia from the south

Washington continues to information attack on Moscow. Stating a desire to deploy an anti-missile radar in the Caucasus, Americans followed the reaction of Russia and neighbouring countries. In Yerevan and Baku plans to the United States is not happy, but Georgian politicians emit enthusiasm. While at the helm remains Saakashvili, the reasonable actions Tbilisi count appears to be unmentionable. The United States have found a way to rassoriti all of Europe and Russia Kahn. This is the issue of missile defense. Against the backdrop of how different departments dollars (not friendly with each other) have interpreted rumours this topic, be concluded planned information attack.

The Washington for the deployment of anti-missile defence in Europe did not find understanding in the EU, has Polshchu under fire, frightened Czech population - but nashchupala point, which annoyed unwitting participants in the process. Hence, if pressure can be obtained bolevu reaction. Agency Director to the Anti-Ballistic Missile U.S. Gen. Henry Obering already has a new idea : Stone left, and Washington watching community, which apart from the failure information. A State Caucasus, in the meantime, are, what they do. Azerbaijan is already sees himself boxed in two ways missile systems Iran and Russia, and it would be? Armenia has rebuffed the idea. But Georgia, as a reliable Dame stands ready to provide its services to the United States. As stated, has and the Georgian parliamentarians have already seen their nation in the vanguard of the struggle against international terrorism. Communist parliamentary committee on defence and national security Nika Rurua said that . And in the opinion of a member of Parliament of Georgia David Bush, presence of American ABM in the Caucasus and serve as a deterrent to Russia. , "said Bush.

In order to strengthen the European nervousness in the overall choir specialists ABM joined John Rud, the new Deputy Secretary of State Control of the United States arms. He announced Ukraine party to the anti-missile systems, along with 15 other countries, in one way or another involved in the programme.

Ukrainian Premier Viktor, it is true, for the first time on this thing, they are reflected in his speech prior to a visit to Berlin. I must give credit to the Americans : they get almost all but one-Russia they are not making a. Accommodation in the Caucasus mobile radars, each of which can detect up to a thousand targets at a distance of 400 km, can be overcome with Russian C-400 with the same range and high precision. However, the American radars to monitor the southern Russia, and hence, pose a threat to national security and a potential for aviation of the Russian Federation.

The Czech Republic have had a taste of what being the presence of American radar-cuisine Czech newspapers publish articles panic headings : EU as a whole, too, has felt the threat and is not going to participate in the USA. But Georgia seems to be aware of all of this only after Saakashvili.

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