Tuesday, March 6, 2007

How to get married ?

Certainly many women with the fear remain one growing each time a girl marries. The age of fear is increased obrastaya too frivolous or blown up to unbelievable sizes complexes. Desire 3.CUSTOMER piece husband becomes obsessive and often pushes woman rash acts. And here is stop saying ourselves and ask : whether you feel lonely or simply struggled at the thought ?

There are occasions when the public, we take for its own. Perhaps your relatives, friend and colleague of taldachat you that the time to get her husband, and not just taldachat, and often make clumsy attempts to tell the supposed candidate for husbands. In this case, life is becoming unbearable.

Know yourself. Are you satisfied with the free women? Or you agree to open relationship? Or, in their heart of hearts, in spite of the view of others, believe that it is not time? Indeed, who, in fact, found when it is time to marry? Evaluate the pros free status. You have a number of advantages to the girl, sooner entered into marriage; You can consciously choose a partner, mature approach to the family and the children. Again, look at the girls : there is a little couples marrying at an early age, which would have been happy. Some divorced, while others simply tolerated situation secretly wishes to be free ...

Thinking of all these, take it easy. And if you came to the conclusion that the husband you do need, with a clear reason for prinimaitesy case. Give the man understand that depend on it, but to resolve their problems. First consider your experience with partners : how relationships evolve, as adjourned. It used for the analysis book, record their thoughts. Determine what you did wrong, I repeat mistakes again and again? What partners choose? Perhaps they resemble each other? Maybe with men other type would have a better? If other, you do not need to try to determine what is best is men what they would like to see future wife. After the findings carefully best line of conduct.

Consider where you can find his sugenogo. Where do you usually get? The men have their own idea where their future wife could visit and the deal. For example, getting in a bar would be unlikely to result in marriage, but in the workplace, travel, courses amicably party, perhaps. How to treat themselves with respect and love. Underestimating themselves, you pokazhetesy surrounding zacompleksovannam man and unattractive. On the other hand, high self-esteem are able to create around you vacuum. The more a man tells you about yourself, the sooner they privajetsa to you and will feel confidence. Recommend its appearance. Rather than live with the weaknesses that can not be corrected, learn stress winning side. Most men love dress, stimulating imagination, but not too frank. Avoid many folds, ruchei, vchurna clothing gross tissue excess jewellery and cosmetics.

Pay attention to their skills. Men love to talk about its successes, plans victories ... Even if they asked questions is a tribute to the usual courtesy. Try less load his head details of their lives, do not speak too much about their problems. In dealing with women, in the first instance, a man most valued simplicity and ease. Learn actively and carefully listen. The more a man tells you about yourself, the sooner they privajetsa to you and will feel confidence. You become his personal territory, where you can relax and be yourself. In turn, you learn his views, habits, hobbies, will be able to build a better strategy conduct. Give the man understand that depend on it, but to resolve their problems.

Avoid words or actions that create the impression of excessive control or denial of his liberty. Otherwise, the excessive control on your part may cause your nuptials and destroy even the most passionate feelings. Show that you have their interests. The idea married man should take underhand, gradually creating a need for themselves.

Not forsiruyte events Be flexible and wise. But if your candidate escaped from the shop ranked networks, which means it is not your halves. Look for another!

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