Tuesday, March 6, 2007

British scared

British plans drawn Russian bear Economic reforms in Russia failed, Moscow sowing in Chechnya, fear and death, Putin and brutally oppressed oligarchs, and, in any case, the author of the commentary in the authoritative British newspaper. It seems another journalist succumbed to the anti-Russian hysteria ...

Your article in the newspaper The Financial Times Martin Wolf titled . The author thought, it is a . If to be understood economic recovery, the growth of wages, GDP increased by 6.8% per year and the recognition of Russia in the world community, the object commentatoru nothing. Dogma criticizing Moscow, a British analyst forgets that, in this very time, the closest ally of the London-Washington-waged illegal war and the killing of civilians in sovereign countries.

The article also states that the NATO expands eastward simply because Russia Taleban in the Eastern European countries having a fear and death. Today Moscow, allegedly holds the same policy with regard to Chechnya. Meanwhile, NATO is responsible for the terror in Serbia and for the massacres in Kosovo. With regard to the statement on the killings in Chechnya, the Russians are Chechen separatists in the same way as British members of the IRA or Pakistanis organizing explosions in the London subway.

Recently, almost 100% of the Chechens voted for the fact that their republic has remained part of the Russian Federation, and against separatists control the illicit arms trade. If the destruction of the terrorists take , what we talk of many lives, Americans lost in Iraq ... It is inconceivable that Chechen terrorist Zakayev has been granted political asylum in London? This, in fact, in spite person Beslan children and their families.

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