Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Safety and Microsoft inconsistent

When known to Microsoft on the entry of anti-virus software, some people made loud announcements that the quality of protection from the creators of Windows are likely to be not high. These words could be taken for attempted sostroiti if it were not for the authoritative tests. According to the Austrian experts Live OneCare is one of the last lines in the list of the 17 products tested.

Research published on the site AV-Compatatives.org quarterly. Anti check strength by nearly half a million samples of malicious code, separately tested sustainability software to polymorphic viruses. In traditional test leader AntiVirusKit (AVK) Company G Data Security, which has recognized 99.5% of the . A small detachment stationed several products security-vendorov : Avira, MicroWorld, Secure. B <5> strongest entered and antivirus to a rate of 97.9%.

The vast majority of threats, albeit with a less convincing result to recognize antivirus software company Symantec and McAfee. was behind the low estimate only 82.4%. Own invulnerability against polymorphic viruses confirmed only two-Norton Antivirus and NOD 32, found each of the 12 test families.

The ability to work with polymorphic code, as alleged by the authors of the test, it is one of the most important characteristics of modern virus. The test product Microsoft has proved to be a little better, taking place in 1915. Equally disappointing results demonstrated not so long ago, and Windows Defender, which should effectively protect users from spyware software. According to the Australian company PC Tools', it is not familiar with most of hostile programs level of recognition ranged between 46-53%.

Against the backdrop of the failure of frank statements by the representatives of Microsoft that they plan look.

Users already suggest that the study is likely to mean one of two things : either an attempt to deceive> test or, agree with the researchers to change the way in their favour.

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