Wednesday, March 7, 2007

The new season of SOUTH PARK starts with the word for the letter "N"

The new series already 11th of its kind, season scandalous cartoon South Park will be on American television on March 7. The series, entitled "The apology Jesse Jackson, it would be the use of the word Islander. As it is known, authors South Park-Trey Parker and Matt Stone, periodically turning to a hot and controversial issues of American society.

This time, they have chosen to express their views on the ban, introduced on 1 March by New York City for use in oral communication and letter words Islander. In anonse the episode also states that while city residents South Park will combat racial intolerance, one of the main heroes of the show, Cartman, would enter into battle with dwarf. According to a contract awarded Parker and Stone to Comedy Central, in the 11st season in 2008 will be issued one.

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