Tuesday, March 6, 2007

My husband revenge psychotropic sex

Worldwide revenge in the relations between lovers and spouses is quite common. Most important in this regard, imagination and talent. For example, a young girl sits on her permanent friend cistila his tooth brush cat toilet. Then just Hezhuzhi, oprasquivala deodorant and put into place. As a result boifrendu had to be given to doctors, as he began to lose big and liquid chair.
Another aggrieved person of a young, too Epsilon lover with the help of the animal. It definitively dohlogo scunsa and podbrosila it under the hood machine where its ex-drug going to go along with its new passiei. As a result, in the middle of the road couple was forced to leave the vehicle because of the unbearable smell, and a week later she threw guy.

The other day, residents of the capital of Pakistan have been affected by old girl. She stabbed her lover because he refused to marry. In a Muslim country where violence against women is frequent phenomenon. However, the killing of men, the women, the rarity Devushku arrested shortly after the crime, it has already made admissions. The court in that case is scheduled for Thursday, writes .

There remained indebted and the wife of the Prime Minister of Czech Mirek Topolanek. In retaliation for treason husband entered into opposition party. , "says a woman. A local political analysts immediately called the scandal .

Hi, Stephen. I know all about your Wright. You filthy, scabby, immoral and
stupid. During this billbord I paid from our common bank account

as advertising board in one of the central streets of New York.

It turned out that the author of the message is angry woman by the name of Emily. Upon learning of izmenah husband, she placed in front of his office advertising board that had been put in place. Equally inventive woman to Simferopol, a lot of her husband, who left her for adultery. To realize their insidious plan, a woman allegedly for the purpose of reconciliation went to the guests parocke sweet.

They all raspili bottle of wine, which tells her pre podmeshala high-dose psychotropic drug. When husband and the mistress reached the necessary conditions, the wife took with them gang sex and recorded everything on video. And then has been elected personnel husband. The man, seeing that vtvoral with my girlfriend, had been horrified and returned to the wife.

But revenge humiliated men is not even comparable severity. Renowned American physicist Harold Simms to learn of the novel wife Helen and neighbour, within three months reduced its shadow on the eyes vsokoradioaktive compositom uranium, until it died of exposure Another revenge thirsty man podsapal boots wife mercury.

Fortunately, the wife Lyudmila found on and had rescue. Later, she told police that her husband has changed. For this reason, they often quarrel, and he decided to take revenge. The American officer John Joe Winter killed his adulterous wife by downloading the boot machine 750 kilograms of explosives. Sound of explosion was heard at a distance of 14 kilometers.

And at the scene an crater depth of 55 metres. Not from the car or from the victim lay in tatters. Fun incident occurred in Tashkent. old man did not want to divorce wife, stole her jaw insert. WFP appealed to the police. Now both husband and jaw were being sought.

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