Tuesday, March 6, 2007

What bouquet Gifts girls ?

The bouquet of flowers to women. In selecting a gift bouquet, remember that each flower has a special symbolic meaning and relevance only to a certain situation. To better understand the rights prepodnessego flowers, or he does not fall into the embarrassing situation, it should be taken into account those characteristics.

The Greek legend of how Rose has become a symbol of love. Goddess of love Aphrodite, in its haste to meet the favorite, scratched on the leg shackles white roses. Obagrenne blood goddess, white petals were references. Since then, red roses, a symbol of love and passion.

White roses offered young men as a mark of respect to their chastity and pure beauty. Pink roses give appropriate in the case of light hobbies or at the beginning of loving relationships. Yellow roses earlier gift as a sign of showing feelings emergency separation, as well as revnis as warnings windy girls. Today, yellow flowers offered to the wishes of well-being and happiness.

In England the same bouquet of two yellow roses is the traditional recognition of love. Coral or orange roses express the desire development of the relationship. Rosa color burgund suggests that darashchi concerned only with the appearance. Red and yellow roses in one bukete means to joy and happiness. Rosa color TV offering as a sign of friendship and fun of communication. Tea Rose suggests eternal love. The encrypted message flower greater role not only color, but the number of flowers in bukete :

1 Rose said shy love;

2 roses are harbingers of engagement or wedding approaching;

3 roses - recognition in love;

5 roses suitable to the wishes of happiness and good luck.

10 roses express admiration for a beloved woman;

11 roses feel each other's love;

12 roses appropriate gift to celebrate ads, the first meetings, weddings, etc.;

16 roses offered friends and relatives;

29 roses, it is a promise of eternal love;

36 roses - to happiness;

101 Rose-absolute discipline, admiration, idolatry.

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