Wednesday, March 7, 2007

The most violent maniac in the history of Canada has been put on trial

Canada began the trial of the bloody insane in the country's history. According to the police, on the account of Robert Picton, a farmer from the Vancouver suburb of more than 50 murders. However, in court the defendant be answered only 26 crimes, as well as on the remaining episodes collected sufficient evidence. Picton killer himself does not believe and guilt does not recognize, over NTV. Maniac hunted mainly prostitutes. The first time he dealt with the victim in the early 1980s, but was arrested in 2002. The maximum penalty that threatens Pictonu-life imprisonment as well as the death penalty in Canada is prohibited.

According to the police officer, planted in a cell with the accused, old Picton planned to kill another woman, says RIA Novosti. I was going to do so again and bring (the number of victims) at up to 50. I dug their own graves, because it was neryasliv-quoted public prosecutor in court testimony Vancouver farmer said during questioning. Earlier Picton, accused of the murder of 26 people, said that the innocent. According to the investigators, the suspect zamanival women working mainly in the fields of industry, sexual entertainment quarters of the red light Vancouver its Gyong, which killed them, and then rasclenal and scarmlival bodies of the victims pigs.

Picton was arrested by the police in 2002. At his farm police found unregistered gun, as well as objects and documents belonging to the missing girls. Expert Club believes that the Robert Picton hold the rest of his life in prison and count on the indulgence of nowhere to be found.

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