Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Naomi Campbell sent to wash floors in the garage for garbage

Black supermodel Naomi Campbell, known for its powerful music, the five days will turn into a woman. This is not fantasy glamurnah photographers, and the court's decision, in January sentenced her to community service for assaulting a maid. In March 2006 beauty beat their maid Ana Skolavino mobile phone on the head, after which the woman had to impose closures.

At the trial, Naomi pleaded guilty, otherwise it would have risked a prison term of up to seven years. District Court sentenced Manhattan model to five days community service. Lawyer Campbell was able to negotiate with the Attorney's Office in New York that does not look forced revenge on the streets pricelami paparazzi cameras.

However, the court insisted that it is soap floors, and has not engaged in any business activities. As the representatives of the New York police, from 19 March look for a period of five days will wash floors located in Manhattan garage for garbage management utilities Management of New York, reports RIA "Novosti" with reference to the British Times. " Campbell also is required to pay the injured maid fine of 363 dollars for payment of medical expenses.

The court also ruled that the look attend special classes for people with unstable psyche prone to outbursts of anger, because it has already been arrested and have been summoned to court for assault and the use of physical force against the service staff.

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