Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Bush broke free from Afganstan reality

Realising that the defeat in Afghanistan will destroy their credibility, the Americans feverishly preparing to attack the Taliban. Bush unveiled the plan, which on paper seems to be ambitious in its simplicity, but, in fact, the failure to take into account the interests of ethnic and religious communities in the region. It seems that the new Washington doomed to failure. During President Pervez Musharraf of Pakistan took seriously. Unexpected and, in fact, attacked astrebiny USA President Dick Cheney to Islamabad, supported by the heads of visiting British FM Margaret Beckett, said that, Without intensified Musharraf on Afghanistan every effort occupation forces this year could end badly.

It would not be correct to say that in private the President of Pakistan challenges, the essence of which has been repeatedly occasions Washington, eliminate all clandestine camps uchebno-diversip Taliban in the areas bordering Afghanistan, stop the militants in its territory, the closure of the border between the two States. Pakistan has become a central figure in the Afghan war. In the United States, there is an understanding, not blocking crater on the northern border of Afghanistan, NATO will be continuous and increasing attacks by the Taliban, which it is comfortable conditions for the preparation of their opponents in Pakistan. Washington frankly resent Islamabad in Afghanistan and threatened a possible reduction of the size of the American aid to Pakistan. Admission old, but infallible.

The increased support from 499 million dollars in 2006 to 785 million, including 300 million for a package of military assistance, and then the money started twisting hands. Musharraf in a precarious state. On the one hand, the unfortunate loss of profits in the form of American aid and activate their activities against Islamists may limited, with the caveat religious leaders of the country. That has been the case in the spring of 2004, when the army conducted an operation against terrorists in South Waziristane, Mullah announced raid against illegal fighters were protests, and the dead in a clash soldiers bury banned under Islamic law. Peripheral manoeuvre Cheney in Pakistan is a part of the new Bush plan for Afghanistan, which was announced in mid-February. The question is how to really close the border if in fact the Taliban took control of the provinces of North and South Wazirustan. In fact, residents are Pashtuns are not subject to Pakistani authorities.

Their lives are governed by traditional law pashtunwali, and the government of the elders. Attempts by the central authorities to deploy troops to the territories and to the protection of the border, were frustrated. Perhaps except assurances Friendship, Cheney in Islamabad would get nothing, and the situation in Afghanistan in 2007 will be critical. As acknowledged by the President of the United States, in 2006 and the Taliban had retaliated . Possible defeat in Afghanistan will mean for Americans, first and foremost, the loss of a leading role in the leadership of the multinational force, that the United States seems . A small, as compared to the Iraqi contingent in the 23,000 people gathered from 37 countries. Loss of a person to so many allies will be tantamount to political death of the leader and cover America shame. In spring all expect the Taliban. What it is, no doubt, why Bush announced the defeat of the Taliban and the building of a democratic Afghanistan.

The plan consists of six points, it is always just and special thinness is not. Increase strength and its military build-up. According to Bush, the United States and allies . The number is impressive, these figures can mislead taxpayers head, but with the quality problem. Military personnel are in a rush, there are instructors from the United States, France, Romania and even Mongolia. In the illiterate 80% of soldiers and 50% of officers.

Training is only 20% of the soldiers and the rest are former members of militia commanders and the young recruits. National Police, which consists of the border, traffic police and the anti-drug has minimal training, infectious disease of corruption and bribery. In its President of the United States sets an example for allies, declaring that American forces will be increased by 3,200 people. His supported Britain also agreeing to enter into the country 1,000 soldiers. As respond to the other members of the Alliance, it is difficult to imagine, but he reiterated natos will follow Washington. However, the Bush plan is the apparent unwillingness or inability to take into account the interests of ethnic and religious communities and the attempt to impose foreign models political and business devices that are alien to Islamic traditions of the country and the mentality of Afghans.

Hence, the United States will (from the Americans). In addition, Bush believes that the experts from America, Norway and the United Kingdom to help the Afghan government to eradicate corruption in the judicial system, the new prosecutors, judges, lawyers. Issue, which requires explanation. How should we do it? As Norway will be in Kabul fight corruption? And finally, the United States will help Afghanistan combat poppy cultivation. Objectively, for the latter task, Washington must reduce its activities in Iraq.

The country's population, who live in the present circumstances at the expense of trade and embark upon daba when the Americans will destroy poppy fields. Truly, we have to be to voice the peace plans. But someone believes or pretends. At the time, France, Spain, Germany refused to take part in operations related to the drug trade. The United States was not allowed to take part in the elimination of opium cultivation in the province of Helmand. So summer, and with it will exacerbate the situation throughout Afghanistan.

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