Tuesday, March 6, 2007

She dumb after vaccination

Girl age 1.5 years dumb after he was vaccinated against chicken pox. Her parents lodged a complaint with the prosecutor's office. The investigation revealed that approximately 100 children are participants in the experiment : doctors had their new Belgian vaccine hazardous to health. During the customary visit to the paediatrician mothers to vaccination imported product on the rail clinic Volgograd. Done nothing extra, in fact, the children were taken to a hospital by taxi. Organisers said the foreign humanitarian aid. Even after vaccination, parents noticed deterioration in the health of children : disrupted sleep, suddenly become capricious and softening Geraskina even dumb.

A consequence, it was found that the child to participate in the new study Belgian pharmaceuticals. According to the prosecution, the contract for a clinical research was concluded between the state health agency , and by .

Railway Hospital examined weakened live vaccine wind against smallpox and against measles, mumps, rubella and chicken pox. A medical experiment at the request of the Belgian company attended by over one hundred wolgogradskih children between the ages of one to two years said. It turned out that not only the parents but also pediatricians Precinct was misled glavvracami. Doctors went quietly weakened their children for vaccination, unaware that clinical studies. But aware that the deputy chief doctor railway hospitals, conducted research, received from the Belgian company 50,000 dollars. Office revealed violation of federal law, which does not allow studies of drugs to minors.

But the law contains one caveat : You can, if done drugs intended for treatment. That is the amendment and experimentatora advantage. Children who had no signs of any illness, sent to the railway hospital. In connection with the findings of the Public Prosecutor's Office appealed to the court for the termination of illegal research Volgograd hospital.

The settlement lawsuit was successful. The clinic actually closed. District Health Committee said that taking special attention to the children who are unwilling participants in a commercial experiment.

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