Tuesday, March 6, 2007

The husband shot his wife and children as wild boars

A promise to divide property through the cemetery was not an empty threat. Jaroslav loaded rifle ammunition used for hunting boar and entered the house of his wife and shot her in the face, and then opened fire on the sleeping children. After the massacre, a man tried to commit suicide tragic history occurred in the city of Kiev Mironovka area. Svetlana Winter met with its future husband Duchy Butsenko five years ago. By this time the woman was big business, which consists of a network of shops, three sons and two unhappy marriages behind. Shortly Yaroslav and Svetlana married, but life there good. As a result, after four years of living together they decided to leave. The only obstacle on the road to divorce were property claims spouse. As a result found, Svetlana called her husband as a clawback shop, but the required 100,000 dollars and luxury apartment in Kiev.

Things have reached frank threats. Shortly before the tragedy, a woman telephoned parents in Kiev and reported that Butsenko threatened to kill her. Give me fingers half of the property, or will share the cemetery, "said Jaroslav wife. On the day that the murder took place, at the home of Svetlana just had all sons : old Sasha, and old age and old Roman came to the mother's guests from Kiev, where they studied at the institute. The line of inquiry, unemployed Butsenko all pre-made and thoroughly prepared for the crime. Early in the morning, he loaded his rifle ammunition intended for the hunting of wild, and went to the house of Svetlana winters.

An attacker quietly entered the house and opened fire on the sleeping children. The screams of children from neighbouring bedrooms ran Svetlana. When his wife, Jaroslav in front of the injured children was shot several times by her in the stomach and face. On his wounds woman died on the spot. Average son Roman tried to escape from the offender, but he ran after him and shot. After committing two murders, Butsenko out on the street, loaded rifle ammunition used for hunting ducks, and shot himself in the stomach, The newspaper said in Ukrainian. Doctors saved alone and Romu and the offender from. Most of the injured Roman-stepfather shot him in the stomach and the bullet perebila boyfriend spine. Now he can move on a wheelchair. Win Butsenko been fully proved. The court sentenced him to life imprisonment

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