Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Where will the cost ? The answer here

Consulting Agency Economist Intelligence Unit, which is part of Economist Group, published on March 6 ranking the most expensive to live cities in the world. The starting point rating compilers have traditionally New York, identifying him 100 points. The most expensive city, according to the specialists, as a year ago, recognized the capital of Norway, Oslo (134 points). It is followed by Paris (130 points) and Copenhagen (126 points).

Fourth place in the ranking of the year was London (125 points). In 2007, he confidently took the seventh place. The cheapest in Europe is life in Athens and Lisbon. The most expensive place in the world is still Latin America, which brought together host 30 affordable cities. The most expensive city in the region-Guatemala, took the 63rd place, and followed by the Mexico - 68th.

The budget of the capital Tehran, where the cost of consumer goods basket is only one part of what has to pay residents of London.

Google does not know "where the money should be spent ?"

In 2007, wages Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, and the director-general Eric Schmidt will be one dollar.

Arsenal wants to buy Woodgate

Arsenal in the off-season will take a serious attempt to get back into its fold Jonathan Woodgate.

Now the player has played in Middlesbrough, but the right to a player from Real Madrid

In addition to Arsenal in their ranks would not like to see such clubs as , and former club Jonathan .

Berry Linux 0.79. Download link

Berry Linux 0.79 on the basis of Red Hat Linux and Knoppix. The system can run directly from a CD or after installation on the hard drive. Berry Linux supports automatically detect hardware PC, and supports a large number of video and sound cards, SCSI and USB devices, and more equipment.

Download: Berry Linux 0.79

League champions. 1 / 8 finals Arsenal SIP Eindhoven 1:1

Arsenal SIP vs Eindhoven - 1:1

Hackers trying to break Windows Vista through a modification BIOS

The other day on the Internet reported that Windows Vista can be easily modified through BIOS setup PC. Apparently, this is because that means duck and stealth system for the protection of Windows Vista in the OEM-set break was difficult. Thanks to a technology OEM Activation for Vista, for whatever binds firmware hardware PC.

Many consider this a perfect, but there is another side to the coin. There are patches to such producers as : Acer, abit, Aopen, ASUS, DFI INFINITY, EpoX, gigabyes, MSI, Onda, Soyo and Unika. Such diversity is due to the fact that each model of the motherboard BIOS is different, and it could not be missed. Reminded about unsuccessful activation, it is possible to "kill" motherboard.

Electronic Arts + APPLE ?

Electronic Arts entered into a contract with Apple. Following the terms of the apple to put in its online music library called iTunes Store a list of tracks from the game Electronic Arts. Price per song is $ 0.99. The games :

Naomi Campbell sent to wash floors in the garage for garbage

Black supermodel Naomi Campbell, known for its powerful music, the five days will turn into a woman. This is not fantasy glamurnah photographers, and the court's decision, in January sentenced her to community service for assaulting a maid. In March 2006 beauty beat their maid Ana Skolavino mobile phone on the head, after which the woman had to impose closures.

At the trial, Naomi pleaded guilty, otherwise it would have risked a prison term of up to seven years. District Court sentenced Manhattan model to five days community service. Lawyer Campbell was able to negotiate with the Attorney's Office in New York that does not look forced revenge on the streets pricelami paparazzi cameras.

However, the court insisted that it is soap floors, and has not engaged in any business activities. As the representatives of the New York police, from 19 March look for a period of five days will wash floors located in Manhattan garage for garbage management utilities Management of New York, reports RIA "Novosti" with reference to the British Times. " Campbell also is required to pay the injured maid fine of 363 dollars for payment of medical expenses.

The court also ruled that the look attend special classes for people with unstable psyche prone to outbursts of anger, because it has already been arrested and have been summoned to court for assault and the use of physical force against the service staff.

The most violent maniac in the history of Canada has been put on trial

Canada began the trial of the bloody insane in the country's history. According to the police, on the account of Robert Picton, a farmer from the Vancouver suburb of more than 50 murders. However, in court the defendant be answered only 26 crimes, as well as on the remaining episodes collected sufficient evidence. Picton killer himself does not believe and guilt does not recognize, over NTV. Maniac hunted mainly prostitutes. The first time he dealt with the victim in the early 1980s, but was arrested in 2002. The maximum penalty that threatens Pictonu-life imprisonment as well as the death penalty in Canada is prohibited.

According to the police officer, planted in a cell with the accused, old Picton planned to kill another woman, says RIA Novosti. I was going to do so again and bring (the number of victims) at up to 50. I dug their own graves, because it was neryasliv-quoted public prosecutor in court testimony Vancouver farmer said during questioning. Earlier Picton, accused of the murder of 26 people, said that the innocent. According to the investigators, the suspect zamanival women working mainly in the fields of industry, sexual entertainment quarters of the red light Vancouver its Gyong, which killed them, and then rasclenal and scarmlival bodies of the victims pigs.

Picton was arrested by the police in 2002. At his farm police found unregistered gun, as well as objects and documents belonging to the missing girls. Expert Club believes that the Robert Picton hold the rest of his life in prison and count on the indulgence of nowhere to be found.

Nurse birth of 20 doctors

Large-sex scandal erupted in the Bosnian city of Sarajevo. Sexual nurse from the local hospital suspects in paternity as 20 doctors. According to the AP, a woman last month gave birth to a child, and now appealed to the leadership of the hospital asking, who the father of the future.

She presented a list of 20 potential candidates for the title of the father. "These rumours are qualified, the official spokesman for the hospital .- We have nothing to say to the press. We investigate. " It says the Bosnian press, in the nurses have medical luminaries local importance.

Almost suicide in the Russian subway. He survived?

An interesting video, just do not understand why he did this?

download: Almost suicide in the Russian metro in 3gp

Fight on hokkey ice

Fierce fighting on ice

Download Download in 3gp

Visionary predicts future on the buttocks

Ulf omens Beech has become increasingly known outside Germany. Interview with him publish leading news agencies, and that its working methods vividly discussed at the forums. It is not even that clairvoyant normal life blind. The main thing is that the future he predicts for the buttocks. According to Buka, the removal of the rights can be read from the fate of both the inside of the palm. And the soft ground they had been seen much better. Due to the lack of omens is literally manual work. He feels historic patterns on the skin tiptoe fingers.

The procedure immersion in astral by looks somewhat unusual. Beech claims that his method of guesswork on the buttocks is not only predict the future, but also to determine precisely client. Part of the body, which has not taken a public stand, to a great deal about health, careers, sexuality, and even hidden talents rights. , - shares its observations Beech

Editor Wikipedia is an imposter !

Editor online encyclopedia used forged Ph.D., to become editor of a popular website. Editor known as Essjay, who introduced Professor of Theology in the private university was old student named Ryan Jordan of Kentucky. The reorganization of the book helped .

Until that changes introduced in more than 20,000 articles in the also gained the contentious issues. After exposing Jordan community was at a loss, although some users protect . Founder Jimmy Wales asked Essjay voluntarily resign.

Nero 7 Micro Revision

Maximum reduced distribution popular NERO! Retains only the most necessary means to a comfortable and editing.

Nero 7 Micro is a full functional Burning Software Suite including:

Nero Burning ROM

Nero Express

Nero Audio Plugins

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Nero 7 micro
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The new season of SOUTH PARK starts with the word for the letter "N"

The new series already 11th of its kind, season scandalous cartoon South Park will be on American television on March 7. The series, entitled "The apology Jesse Jackson, it would be the use of the word Islander. As it is known, authors South Park-Trey Parker and Matt Stone, periodically turning to a hot and controversial issues of American society.

This time, they have chosen to express their views on the ban, introduced on 1 March by New York City for use in oral communication and letter words Islander. In anonse the episode also states that while city residents South Park will combat racial intolerance, one of the main heroes of the show, Cartman, would enter into battle with dwarf. According to a contract awarded Parker and Stone to Comedy Central, in the 11st season in 2008 will be issued one.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Safety and Microsoft inconsistent

When known to Microsoft on the entry of anti-virus software, some people made loud announcements that the quality of protection from the creators of Windows are likely to be not high. These words could be taken for attempted sostroiti if it were not for the authoritative tests. According to the Austrian experts Live OneCare is one of the last lines in the list of the 17 products tested.

Research published on the site quarterly. Anti check strength by nearly half a million samples of malicious code, separately tested sustainability software to polymorphic viruses. In traditional test leader AntiVirusKit (AVK) Company G Data Security, which has recognized 99.5% of the . A small detachment stationed several products security-vendorov : Avira, MicroWorld, Secure. B <5> strongest entered and antivirus to a rate of 97.9%.

The vast majority of threats, albeit with a less convincing result to recognize antivirus software company Symantec and McAfee. was behind the low estimate only 82.4%. Own invulnerability against polymorphic viruses confirmed only two-Norton Antivirus and NOD 32, found each of the 12 test families.

The ability to work with polymorphic code, as alleged by the authors of the test, it is one of the most important characteristics of modern virus. The test product Microsoft has proved to be a little better, taking place in 1915. Equally disappointing results demonstrated not so long ago, and Windows Defender, which should effectively protect users from spyware software. According to the Australian company PC Tools', it is not familiar with most of hostile programs level of recognition ranged between 46-53%.

Against the backdrop of the failure of frank statements by the representatives of Microsoft that they plan look.

Users already suggest that the study is likely to mean one of two things : either an attempt to deceive> test or, agree with the researchers to change the way in their favour.

What bouquet Gifts girls ?

The bouquet of flowers to women. In selecting a gift bouquet, remember that each flower has a special symbolic meaning and relevance only to a certain situation. To better understand the rights prepodnessego flowers, or he does not fall into the embarrassing situation, it should be taken into account those characteristics.

The Greek legend of how Rose has become a symbol of love. Goddess of love Aphrodite, in its haste to meet the favorite, scratched on the leg shackles white roses. Obagrenne blood goddess, white petals were references. Since then, red roses, a symbol of love and passion.

White roses offered young men as a mark of respect to their chastity and pure beauty. Pink roses give appropriate in the case of light hobbies or at the beginning of loving relationships. Yellow roses earlier gift as a sign of showing feelings emergency separation, as well as revnis as warnings windy girls. Today, yellow flowers offered to the wishes of well-being and happiness.

In England the same bouquet of two yellow roses is the traditional recognition of love. Coral or orange roses express the desire development of the relationship. Rosa color burgund suggests that darashchi concerned only with the appearance. Red and yellow roses in one bukete means to joy and happiness. Rosa color TV offering as a sign of friendship and fun of communication. Tea Rose suggests eternal love. The encrypted message flower greater role not only color, but the number of flowers in bukete :

1 Rose said shy love;

2 roses are harbingers of engagement or wedding approaching;

3 roses - recognition in love;

5 roses suitable to the wishes of happiness and good luck.

10 roses express admiration for a beloved woman;

11 roses feel each other's love;

12 roses appropriate gift to celebrate ads, the first meetings, weddings, etc.;

16 roses offered friends and relatives;

29 roses, it is a promise of eternal love;

36 roses - to happiness;

101 Rose-absolute discipline, admiration, idolatry.

The husband shot his wife and children as wild boars

A promise to divide property through the cemetery was not an empty threat. Jaroslav loaded rifle ammunition used for hunting boar and entered the house of his wife and shot her in the face, and then opened fire on the sleeping children. After the massacre, a man tried to commit suicide tragic history occurred in the city of Kiev Mironovka area. Svetlana Winter met with its future husband Duchy Butsenko five years ago. By this time the woman was big business, which consists of a network of shops, three sons and two unhappy marriages behind. Shortly Yaroslav and Svetlana married, but life there good. As a result, after four years of living together they decided to leave. The only obstacle on the road to divorce were property claims spouse. As a result found, Svetlana called her husband as a clawback shop, but the required 100,000 dollars and luxury apartment in Kiev.

Things have reached frank threats. Shortly before the tragedy, a woman telephoned parents in Kiev and reported that Butsenko threatened to kill her. Give me fingers half of the property, or will share the cemetery, "said Jaroslav wife. On the day that the murder took place, at the home of Svetlana just had all sons : old Sasha, and old age and old Roman came to the mother's guests from Kiev, where they studied at the institute. The line of inquiry, unemployed Butsenko all pre-made and thoroughly prepared for the crime. Early in the morning, he loaded his rifle ammunition intended for the hunting of wild, and went to the house of Svetlana winters.

An attacker quietly entered the house and opened fire on the sleeping children. The screams of children from neighbouring bedrooms ran Svetlana. When his wife, Jaroslav in front of the injured children was shot several times by her in the stomach and face. On his wounds woman died on the spot. Average son Roman tried to escape from the offender, but he ran after him and shot. After committing two murders, Butsenko out on the street, loaded rifle ammunition used for hunting ducks, and shot himself in the stomach, The newspaper said in Ukrainian. Doctors saved alone and Romu and the offender from. Most of the injured Roman-stepfather shot him in the stomach and the bullet perebila boyfriend spine. Now he can move on a wheelchair. Win Butsenko been fully proved. The court sentenced him to life imprisonment

Ford Streetka Cool

All of the shows speed and manoeuvrability. This is understandable, because the standard of sports seats with chrome protective arc, 16-duimove 6-spitzeve inch wheels and sports steering wheel, obtanuty skin. The basic package *

Top-folding soft top * installation of 195, 16 "alloy wheels * Exterior mirrors with electric adjustable and heated Bampera *, painted in the body color * Fog lamps * Anti-lock brake system * Front and side airbags * Immobiliser engine * Sports seats with cloth / leather sports leather steering wheel with hydraulic * elektrosteklopodjemniki Front, the irovca panes * Central locking, remote-controlled Ford Streetka Luxury Streetka Luxury-roof building with modern conveniences. stereo with CD player with the is a musical escort, air conditioner, a pleasant walk, but to ojanae seat heating to the body to relax and enjoy the trip. The basic package

Top-folding soft top * Shi s of 195, 16-inch wheels * Exterior mirrors with electric adjustable and heated * Bampera near ashenne coloured body * Fog lamps * Anti-lock brake system * Front and side airbags * Immobiliser engine * Sports seats with leather chairs heating * seats * Sport leather steering wheel with hydraulic * elektrosteklopodjemniki Front, the irovca panes * Air with the air recycling * Central locking with remote control * Radio + CD

Death found him

A resident of Bashkortostan who had left the village of Cat in the cart horse, in half an hour twice caught accident Road. Case happened occurred in the Aurgazinskm Bashkortostan. First, the cart hit the car 23 years driver at the wheel.

As a result of the clash person was seriously injured and the driver had to deliver bleeding man to the hospital. But on the way to hospital, he exceeded the speed car in the ice off in the ditch, and crashed into a concrete pole. On his wounds the victim had died on the spot. Boyfriend with light injuries hospitalized.

My husband revenge psychotropic sex

Worldwide revenge in the relations between lovers and spouses is quite common. Most important in this regard, imagination and talent. For example, a young girl sits on her permanent friend cistila his tooth brush cat toilet. Then just Hezhuzhi, oprasquivala deodorant and put into place. As a result boifrendu had to be given to doctors, as he began to lose big and liquid chair.
Another aggrieved person of a young, too Epsilon lover with the help of the animal. It definitively dohlogo scunsa and podbrosila it under the hood machine where its ex-drug going to go along with its new passiei. As a result, in the middle of the road couple was forced to leave the vehicle because of the unbearable smell, and a week later she threw guy.

The other day, residents of the capital of Pakistan have been affected by old girl. She stabbed her lover because he refused to marry. In a Muslim country where violence against women is frequent phenomenon. However, the killing of men, the women, the rarity Devushku arrested shortly after the crime, it has already made admissions. The court in that case is scheduled for Thursday, writes .

There remained indebted and the wife of the Prime Minister of Czech Mirek Topolanek. In retaliation for treason husband entered into opposition party. , "says a woman. A local political analysts immediately called the scandal .

Hi, Stephen. I know all about your Wright. You filthy, scabby, immoral and
stupid. During this billbord I paid from our common bank account

as advertising board in one of the central streets of New York.

It turned out that the author of the message is angry woman by the name of Emily. Upon learning of izmenah husband, she placed in front of his office advertising board that had been put in place. Equally inventive woman to Simferopol, a lot of her husband, who left her for adultery. To realize their insidious plan, a woman allegedly for the purpose of reconciliation went to the guests parocke sweet.

They all raspili bottle of wine, which tells her pre podmeshala high-dose psychotropic drug. When husband and the mistress reached the necessary conditions, the wife took with them gang sex and recorded everything on video. And then has been elected personnel husband. The man, seeing that vtvoral with my girlfriend, had been horrified and returned to the wife.

But revenge humiliated men is not even comparable severity. Renowned American physicist Harold Simms to learn of the novel wife Helen and neighbour, within three months reduced its shadow on the eyes vsokoradioaktive compositom uranium, until it died of exposure Another revenge thirsty man podsapal boots wife mercury.

Fortunately, the wife Lyudmila found on and had rescue. Later, she told police that her husband has changed. For this reason, they often quarrel, and he decided to take revenge. The American officer John Joe Winter killed his adulterous wife by downloading the boot machine 750 kilograms of explosives. Sound of explosion was heard at a distance of 14 kilometers.

And at the scene an crater depth of 55 metres. Not from the car or from the victim lay in tatters. Fun incident occurred in Tashkent. old man did not want to divorce wife, stole her jaw insert. WFP appealed to the police. Now both husband and jaw were being sought.

How to get married ?

Certainly many women with the fear remain one growing each time a girl marries. The age of fear is increased obrastaya too frivolous or blown up to unbelievable sizes complexes. Desire 3.CUSTOMER piece husband becomes obsessive and often pushes woman rash acts. And here is stop saying ourselves and ask : whether you feel lonely or simply struggled at the thought ?

There are occasions when the public, we take for its own. Perhaps your relatives, friend and colleague of taldachat you that the time to get her husband, and not just taldachat, and often make clumsy attempts to tell the supposed candidate for husbands. In this case, life is becoming unbearable.

Know yourself. Are you satisfied with the free women? Or you agree to open relationship? Or, in their heart of hearts, in spite of the view of others, believe that it is not time? Indeed, who, in fact, found when it is time to marry? Evaluate the pros free status. You have a number of advantages to the girl, sooner entered into marriage; You can consciously choose a partner, mature approach to the family and the children. Again, look at the girls : there is a little couples marrying at an early age, which would have been happy. Some divorced, while others simply tolerated situation secretly wishes to be free ...

Thinking of all these, take it easy. And if you came to the conclusion that the husband you do need, with a clear reason for prinimaitesy case. Give the man understand that depend on it, but to resolve their problems. First consider your experience with partners : how relationships evolve, as adjourned. It used for the analysis book, record their thoughts. Determine what you did wrong, I repeat mistakes again and again? What partners choose? Perhaps they resemble each other? Maybe with men other type would have a better? If other, you do not need to try to determine what is best is men what they would like to see future wife. After the findings carefully best line of conduct.

Consider where you can find his sugenogo. Where do you usually get? The men have their own idea where their future wife could visit and the deal. For example, getting in a bar would be unlikely to result in marriage, but in the workplace, travel, courses amicably party, perhaps. How to treat themselves with respect and love. Underestimating themselves, you pokazhetesy surrounding zacompleksovannam man and unattractive. On the other hand, high self-esteem are able to create around you vacuum. The more a man tells you about yourself, the sooner they privajetsa to you and will feel confidence. Recommend its appearance. Rather than live with the weaknesses that can not be corrected, learn stress winning side. Most men love dress, stimulating imagination, but not too frank. Avoid many folds, ruchei, vchurna clothing gross tissue excess jewellery and cosmetics.

Pay attention to their skills. Men love to talk about its successes, plans victories ... Even if they asked questions is a tribute to the usual courtesy. Try less load his head details of their lives, do not speak too much about their problems. In dealing with women, in the first instance, a man most valued simplicity and ease. Learn actively and carefully listen. The more a man tells you about yourself, the sooner they privajetsa to you and will feel confidence. You become his personal territory, where you can relax and be yourself. In turn, you learn his views, habits, hobbies, will be able to build a better strategy conduct. Give the man understand that depend on it, but to resolve their problems.

Avoid words or actions that create the impression of excessive control or denial of his liberty. Otherwise, the excessive control on your part may cause your nuptials and destroy even the most passionate feelings. Show that you have their interests. The idea married man should take underhand, gradually creating a need for themselves.

Not forsiruyte events Be flexible and wise. But if your candidate escaped from the shop ranked networks, which means it is not your halves. Look for another!

She dumb after vaccination

Girl age 1.5 years dumb after he was vaccinated against chicken pox. Her parents lodged a complaint with the prosecutor's office. The investigation revealed that approximately 100 children are participants in the experiment : doctors had their new Belgian vaccine hazardous to health. During the customary visit to the paediatrician mothers to vaccination imported product on the rail clinic Volgograd. Done nothing extra, in fact, the children were taken to a hospital by taxi. Organisers said the foreign humanitarian aid. Even after vaccination, parents noticed deterioration in the health of children : disrupted sleep, suddenly become capricious and softening Geraskina even dumb.

A consequence, it was found that the child to participate in the new study Belgian pharmaceuticals. According to the prosecution, the contract for a clinical research was concluded between the state health agency , and by .

Railway Hospital examined weakened live vaccine wind against smallpox and against measles, mumps, rubella and chicken pox. A medical experiment at the request of the Belgian company attended by over one hundred wolgogradskih children between the ages of one to two years said. It turned out that not only the parents but also pediatricians Precinct was misled glavvracami. Doctors went quietly weakened their children for vaccination, unaware that clinical studies. But aware that the deputy chief doctor railway hospitals, conducted research, received from the Belgian company 50,000 dollars. Office revealed violation of federal law, which does not allow studies of drugs to minors.

But the law contains one caveat : You can, if done drugs intended for treatment. That is the amendment and experimentatora advantage. Children who had no signs of any illness, sent to the railway hospital. In connection with the findings of the Public Prosecutor's Office appealed to the court for the termination of illegal research Volgograd hospital.

The settlement lawsuit was successful. The clinic actually closed. District Health Committee said that taking special attention to the children who are unwilling participants in a commercial experiment.

Pentagon selected to Russia from the south

Washington continues to information attack on Moscow. Stating a desire to deploy an anti-missile radar in the Caucasus, Americans followed the reaction of Russia and neighbouring countries. In Yerevan and Baku plans to the United States is not happy, but Georgian politicians emit enthusiasm. While at the helm remains Saakashvili, the reasonable actions Tbilisi count appears to be unmentionable. The United States have found a way to rassoriti all of Europe and Russia Kahn. This is the issue of missile defense. Against the backdrop of how different departments dollars (not friendly with each other) have interpreted rumours this topic, be concluded planned information attack.

The Washington for the deployment of anti-missile defence in Europe did not find understanding in the EU, has Polshchu under fire, frightened Czech population - but nashchupala point, which annoyed unwitting participants in the process. Hence, if pressure can be obtained bolevu reaction. Agency Director to the Anti-Ballistic Missile U.S. Gen. Henry Obering already has a new idea : Stone left, and Washington watching community, which apart from the failure information. A State Caucasus, in the meantime, are, what they do. Azerbaijan is already sees himself boxed in two ways missile systems Iran and Russia, and it would be? Armenia has rebuffed the idea. But Georgia, as a reliable Dame stands ready to provide its services to the United States. As stated, has and the Georgian parliamentarians have already seen their nation in the vanguard of the struggle against international terrorism. Communist parliamentary committee on defence and national security Nika Rurua said that . And in the opinion of a member of Parliament of Georgia David Bush, presence of American ABM in the Caucasus and serve as a deterrent to Russia. , "said Bush.

In order to strengthen the European nervousness in the overall choir specialists ABM joined John Rud, the new Deputy Secretary of State Control of the United States arms. He announced Ukraine party to the anti-missile systems, along with 15 other countries, in one way or another involved in the programme.

Ukrainian Premier Viktor, it is true, for the first time on this thing, they are reflected in his speech prior to a visit to Berlin. I must give credit to the Americans : they get almost all but one-Russia they are not making a. Accommodation in the Caucasus mobile radars, each of which can detect up to a thousand targets at a distance of 400 km, can be overcome with Russian C-400 with the same range and high precision. However, the American radars to monitor the southern Russia, and hence, pose a threat to national security and a potential for aviation of the Russian Federation.

The Czech Republic have had a taste of what being the presence of American radar-cuisine Czech newspapers publish articles panic headings : EU as a whole, too, has felt the threat and is not going to participate in the USA. But Georgia seems to be aware of all of this only after Saakashvili.

Bush broke free from Afganstan reality

Realising that the defeat in Afghanistan will destroy their credibility, the Americans feverishly preparing to attack the Taliban. Bush unveiled the plan, which on paper seems to be ambitious in its simplicity, but, in fact, the failure to take into account the interests of ethnic and religious communities in the region. It seems that the new Washington doomed to failure. During President Pervez Musharraf of Pakistan took seriously. Unexpected and, in fact, attacked astrebiny USA President Dick Cheney to Islamabad, supported by the heads of visiting British FM Margaret Beckett, said that, Without intensified Musharraf on Afghanistan every effort occupation forces this year could end badly.

It would not be correct to say that in private the President of Pakistan challenges, the essence of which has been repeatedly occasions Washington, eliminate all clandestine camps uchebno-diversip Taliban in the areas bordering Afghanistan, stop the militants in its territory, the closure of the border between the two States. Pakistan has become a central figure in the Afghan war. In the United States, there is an understanding, not blocking crater on the northern border of Afghanistan, NATO will be continuous and increasing attacks by the Taliban, which it is comfortable conditions for the preparation of their opponents in Pakistan. Washington frankly resent Islamabad in Afghanistan and threatened a possible reduction of the size of the American aid to Pakistan. Admission old, but infallible.

The increased support from 499 million dollars in 2006 to 785 million, including 300 million for a package of military assistance, and then the money started twisting hands. Musharraf in a precarious state. On the one hand, the unfortunate loss of profits in the form of American aid and activate their activities against Islamists may limited, with the caveat religious leaders of the country. That has been the case in the spring of 2004, when the army conducted an operation against terrorists in South Waziristane, Mullah announced raid against illegal fighters were protests, and the dead in a clash soldiers bury banned under Islamic law. Peripheral manoeuvre Cheney in Pakistan is a part of the new Bush plan for Afghanistan, which was announced in mid-February. The question is how to really close the border if in fact the Taliban took control of the provinces of North and South Wazirustan. In fact, residents are Pashtuns are not subject to Pakistani authorities.

Their lives are governed by traditional law pashtunwali, and the government of the elders. Attempts by the central authorities to deploy troops to the territories and to the protection of the border, were frustrated. Perhaps except assurances Friendship, Cheney in Islamabad would get nothing, and the situation in Afghanistan in 2007 will be critical. As acknowledged by the President of the United States, in 2006 and the Taliban had retaliated . Possible defeat in Afghanistan will mean for Americans, first and foremost, the loss of a leading role in the leadership of the multinational force, that the United States seems . A small, as compared to the Iraqi contingent in the 23,000 people gathered from 37 countries. Loss of a person to so many allies will be tantamount to political death of the leader and cover America shame. In spring all expect the Taliban. What it is, no doubt, why Bush announced the defeat of the Taliban and the building of a democratic Afghanistan.

The plan consists of six points, it is always just and special thinness is not. Increase strength and its military build-up. According to Bush, the United States and allies . The number is impressive, these figures can mislead taxpayers head, but with the quality problem. Military personnel are in a rush, there are instructors from the United States, France, Romania and even Mongolia. In the illiterate 80% of soldiers and 50% of officers.

Training is only 20% of the soldiers and the rest are former members of militia commanders and the young recruits. National Police, which consists of the border, traffic police and the anti-drug has minimal training, infectious disease of corruption and bribery. In its President of the United States sets an example for allies, declaring that American forces will be increased by 3,200 people. His supported Britain also agreeing to enter into the country 1,000 soldiers. As respond to the other members of the Alliance, it is difficult to imagine, but he reiterated natos will follow Washington. However, the Bush plan is the apparent unwillingness or inability to take into account the interests of ethnic and religious communities and the attempt to impose foreign models political and business devices that are alien to Islamic traditions of the country and the mentality of Afghans.

Hence, the United States will (from the Americans). In addition, Bush believes that the experts from America, Norway and the United Kingdom to help the Afghan government to eradicate corruption in the judicial system, the new prosecutors, judges, lawyers. Issue, which requires explanation. How should we do it? As Norway will be in Kabul fight corruption? And finally, the United States will help Afghanistan combat poppy cultivation. Objectively, for the latter task, Washington must reduce its activities in Iraq.

The country's population, who live in the present circumstances at the expense of trade and embark upon daba when the Americans will destroy poppy fields. Truly, we have to be to voice the peace plans. But someone believes or pretends. At the time, France, Spain, Germany refused to take part in operations related to the drug trade. The United States was not allowed to take part in the elimination of opium cultivation in the province of Helmand. So summer, and with it will exacerbate the situation throughout Afghanistan.

British scared

British plans drawn Russian bear Economic reforms in Russia failed, Moscow sowing in Chechnya, fear and death, Putin and brutally oppressed oligarchs, and, in any case, the author of the commentary in the authoritative British newspaper. It seems another journalist succumbed to the anti-Russian hysteria ...

Your article in the newspaper The Financial Times Martin Wolf titled . The author thought, it is a . If to be understood economic recovery, the growth of wages, GDP increased by 6.8% per year and the recognition of Russia in the world community, the object commentatoru nothing. Dogma criticizing Moscow, a British analyst forgets that, in this very time, the closest ally of the London-Washington-waged illegal war and the killing of civilians in sovereign countries.

The article also states that the NATO expands eastward simply because Russia Taleban in the Eastern European countries having a fear and death. Today Moscow, allegedly holds the same policy with regard to Chechnya. Meanwhile, NATO is responsible for the terror in Serbia and for the massacres in Kosovo. With regard to the statement on the killings in Chechnya, the Russians are Chechen separatists in the same way as British members of the IRA or Pakistanis organizing explosions in the London subway.

Recently, almost 100% of the Chechens voted for the fact that their republic has remained part of the Russian Federation, and against separatists control the illicit arms trade. If the destruction of the terrorists take , what we talk of many lives, Americans lost in Iraq ... It is inconceivable that Chechen terrorist Zakayev has been granted political asylum in London? This, in fact, in spite person Beslan children and their families.

Monday, March 5, 2007

Hello world!!!

HI! This is my first blog! I will try every day to add to this blog news from the world, and other interesting points